Why Smart ?

Production Capacity

With the well-trained and experienced staffs, state-of-the-art machines together with tight QC procedures, our manufacturing competency can currently meet the tolerance within 5 micron accuracy

Current Expectation (2020)
Molds Main size (below 180 tons):  ≈ 10 molds/month

Max size (180 – 350 tons): ≈ 7 molds/month

Main size (below 180 tons):  ≈ 15 molds/month

Max size (180 – 350 tons): ≈ 10 molds/month

Inserts for molds 9000 pieces/year 15000 pieces/year
Injection molding 20,000,000 shots/year 30,000,000 shots/year

With Sheet Metal Fabrication :

We offer the Grade A and Grade B in sheet metal fabrication, these two grades require tight tolerance and high levels of QC control in all manufacturing procedure.
High technologies and advanced tools allow us to complete all aspects of operations in-house, from precision sheet metal fabrication to assembly and delivery services. It is the type of attention to detail that add value at every step of the process and give our customers confidence in our ability to deliver projects to their exact specifications.