Sustainability & CSR

Corporate social responsibility

Accompanying with customers, our aim is to find solutions for all issues related to sustainable economic development, by complying with standards on environmental protection, gender equality, occupational safety, labor rights, fair wages, training and developing staff, developing community, etc… in a way that brings benefits both the business and the general development of society.

All organizations must have responsibility for people, customers and society. We believe that the commitment of corporate social responsibility will create a unified organization, enhance prestige, and creating important linkages with the community where businesses operate, contributing to increase the welfare for the society, ensuring the existence and development of the business


For many fresh graduates and experienced employees who consider CSR a priority, our commitment will help us to attract, to develop and to gather great ones. CSR projects help our staffs to learn from challenging experiences; reaping new perspectives; improving their skills and working with many colleagues, including senior colleagues.

For workers, we always strive to create jobs with worthy remuneration, equal employment opportunities, professional development opportunities, and enjoy . safe, hygienic working environment. and ensuring privacy and personal rights at work.


Customers who actively take part in CSR activities often prefer to cooperate with organizations who having the same opinion. Transparency and integrity are our commitment and we have strong desire to create positive change for the world ….

Committed to provide goods and services that ensure quality, product safety, pricing, product information (advertising), distribution, sales and competition.


CSR  has an important element, that is “morality”. We believe us as an organization as well as an individual, it is absolutely right to support individuals or groups of people in need. Through principles, ethical values are respected and presented in the company’s mission and strategy. Through these publications, moral principles and values become the guideline for the coordination of actions of each member of the company and with related partners.