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Message From Presidents And CEO


Ngo Duc Anh – President of the Board and General Director







As a member of the Vietnam Smart group, is operating in the field of mechanical engineering, we are proud to be prestige and professional provider products such as: PRECISION MOLDS AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS for domestic and foreign partners with high quality. With the mission of “giving customers the products with high precision, optimal technical and perfect service quality.”
We are constantly developing human resources, technology investment, the process and regulation activities standardization to bring for Partner the Comprehensive products in Quality – Progress – Service.
Our philosophy “Excellence in the field of activity”: We effort to become the best in all that we have chosen to do.
Since then, the customer’s trust is a prerequisite for us to continue to grow stronger.
“Customer success is our success”: The message confirms the success of SMART we have when we accompany and bring success to customers.
“People are the greatest asset”: A quality product and excellent service provided to customers must be derived from people with high professional, a spirit of full responsibility, a will strive tirelessly, a suitable moral quality social norms, toward the community values that honor.
“The company is our home”: All the members work and share responsibility together than comply power. SMART is a common house, where each employee associated with the successful of the company.
We will continue our efforts to become a trusted company that meets society’s expectations by ensuring full compliance and enhancing our corporate governance keeping to heart our philosophy of “To provide pleasure and peace of mind to the people of the world”.
Thank you for visiting our website.
We look forward to co-oporate with you

Sincerely, Ngo Duc Anh