Changing to a new brand is part of Smart Vietnam

Differentiated brand in supporting industry

Changes in brand identity are now being seen more often in the industry over the years. Domestic enterprises have paid more attention to building and promoting their image to attract customers.
Smart Vietnam in early 2020 announced a change of the brand identity after more than 10 years of operation. Facing the continuous transformation of the economy in general and the supporting industries in particular, Mr. Ngo Duc Anh – Smart Vietnam CEO said: ‘’ Although this is a very specific industry and there are special standards consequently we are not able to stand still but always have to innovate ourselves to adapt to new developments in society’’

New strategy and new image

Over more than a decade doing business in the field of providing fasteners, machining sheet metal, mold making; Smart Vietnam has witnessed a period of transformation of the economy in general as well as a strong transformation of the industry in particular and especially in the field of mechanical processing.
Although each change is different, all for a common goal is to better meet the needs of domestic and international customers and Smart Vietnam is a business that always adapts quickly and promptly to the trend of global development.

Changing to a new brand is part of Smart Vietnam’s long-term strategy. In early 2020, we made a decision to change to the brand with the aim of becoming a leading company that has always been a pioneer in keeping up with global change and is an enterprise with a mission to contribute to the development of the domestic supporting industrial
The new Smart Vietnam logo has inherited aspects of the old logo but has also been renovated and designed in a modern, dynamic style showing a commitment to change every day to do better.

  • It is a combination of Rubich blocks, each piece representing a main area of the supporting industry connected together to become a strong bonding block.
  • The Smart logo has an upward arrow to represent the continuous development and always heading to the international market

In the short term, the most obvious change for customers will be a continuous improvement for products and services currently provided by Smart Vietnam to customers. Also, in future Smart Vietnam will also launch new fields and products to meet the needs of customers with sheet metal fabrication, mold making, plastic injection and fasteners such as bolts, screws … To be different, Smart Vietnam has chosen the strategy of “Increasing product is able to supply beyond customer expectations” in all areas where Smart towards.
Smart Vietnam aims to become a reliable and reputable supplier in the domestic and international markets. Hopefully, a new face will create a new Smart Vietnam stronger and stronger and fly higher and higher to reach the globe.